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Arizona Umbrella Insurance Coverage

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance

Building a home, buying a car, or setting up a business can be a daunting task. Also, getting insurance coverage to each of your properties can also prove to be a costly affair. What if you had an insurance policy that provides coverage to all your assets? This is indeed possible with umbrella insurance. It is specially designed to protect all your assets past your current insurance limits. Umbrella insurance policy is the ideal option when policy limits are exhausted mainly due to its ability to provide coverage to the amount of loss beyond the basic liability policies.

If you are still a bit hazy on what this policy covers, take a detailed look at what umbrella insurance policy caters for and why you need it below:

  • Property damage liability- Umbrella insurance provides coverage on an individual’s tangible property. In case the property is damaged or lost, the insurance company ensures it has fully compensated their customers.
  • Bodily harm or injury liability- Apart from providing coverage on the property, umbrella insurance also provides coverage on an individual’s body. The policy is capable of paying medical bills in case, you, your dog, or a neighbor’s child playing in your yard are injured.
  • Liability on rental units- With an umbrella insurance policy, landlords or rental unit operators are provided with a full coverage against any liability claim they might encounter. For instance, if a tenant’s dog bites someone and is held responsible, the insurance company ensures they have provided coverage on the cost of the liability claim.

Umbrella insurance is an ideal policy for individuals in any line of business. Its ability to extend beyond the strength of the basic insurance policies significantly works on ensuring all your assets get full coverage. At Magelan Group PLLC of Arizona, you and your assets protection are our biggest concern.

We provide top-notch insurance services to our customers from almost every state in the US. Contact Magelan Group PLLC in Arizona and let us work on securing your assets. Also, regardless of your line of business or the state you are from, you can always give us a call or utilize our agent’s online rating tool to find a quote on home or auto insurance.

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